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Midlands MC provides Overseas recruitment services to our clients.

We support our applicants with NMC registration, interview preparation and Visa processing services.

Midlands Medical Consultancy is working with number of English language teaching centres in South India, Therefore we got access to number of nurses with required IELT and OET score or grade who are looking forward to joining with NMC register and taking their dream jobs in the National Health Service in UK.

Our aim is to support qualified nurses and health care professionals to find their dream job in united kingdom. We support all our applicant throughout their journey to achieve their dreams job in Uk. We provide flexible, reliable and responsible services to our applicants and clients.. Our Recruitment is completely free and we do not charge candidates for Recruitment Services.  Midlands Medical consultancy only provides staffing solutions within the healthcare sector

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Requirement to Work as a nurse or Midwife in UK

Requirement to Work as a nurse
or Midwife in UK

All nurses and midwives who wish to work in the UK must register with NMC. NMC register consists of three parts for nurses from outside EU.

  • Adult Nursing
  • Midwives
  • Specialist community public health nurses (SCPHN).

The nurse part of the register divided in to four fields of practice which is:

  • Adult nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Learning disability nursing
  • Children’s nursing

A general nurse should apply their registration with nmc as an Adult Nurse. Once you are registered, you can work in the National Health Service (NHS) or private health sector.

Registration Requirement

To register with nmc you should meet the health, Character and English language requirement as a part of your application.

When you apply to register with NMC you need to prove you can communicate effectively in English. Communication is defined as speaking, reading, listening and writing. You must demonstrate competence in these four skills.

NMC accept two language tests as evidence of your ability to communicate effectively in English: The International English Language Test System (IELTS) and the Occupational English Test (OET). You must achieve the required score in each of the four areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Test scores are valid for two years.

Nurses who has completed IELTS academic examination must provide a certificate which confirms.

  • An overall score of 7
  • At least a score of 7 in listening, reading and speaking
  • At least 6.5 in writing

You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if:

  • you sit the tests within six months of each other.
  • you’re tested in all four sections at the same time.
  • all scores in both sittings are above 6.5, and
  • you achieve at least 6.5 in the writing section and at least 7 in the reading, listening and speaking sections in either of the two test sittings.

Nurses who have completed an OET examination must provide a certificate that confirms:
At least a B grade in listening, reading, writing and Speaking.
Combining OET test scores You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if:

  • you sit the tests within six months of each other.
  • you’re tested in all four sections at the same time.
  • all grades in both sittings are above Grade C+, and
  • you achieve Grade B or higher in all four sections when the results of both sittings are viewed together.
The Application Process

NMC has launched a new overseas registration process on Monday 7 October 2019.Please visit NMC website for detailed information by using following link-

Before you start your online application, you should get following documents ready-

  • Identity evidence- Passport details- you should be able to upload a copy of the picture page of your passport.
  • Qualification Evidence- upload a copy of your nursing qualification certificate- Your name, the name of the qualification and the date you were awarded the qualification should be clearly visible on the certificate.
  • Health Evidence- complete a self declaration about your health. You should be able to nominate your family doctor to provide a supporting declaration about your health.
  • Character evidence- complete a self- declaration and upload your police clearance certificate. provide details of someone who can make a supporting declaration, such as your regulator if you are registered in your country , if you are not registered you can provide the details of your most recent employer or education institution to provide a character reference.
  • Language Evidence- Provide evidence of IELTS certificate and TRF number OR OET certificate and candidate number.
  • Confirmation of professional indemnity cover- which will be provided by your employer in UK.

Once you have collected the above documents/ evidence, complete your pre application check list by visiting the above NMC webpage.
After completing pre application check list, complete eligibility and qualification application. You should be able to pay your application evaluation fee of £140 at this time. This fee is non-refundable. Then await your evaluation outcome from NMC.

Test of competence part one: the computer based test (CBT)
Once you have passed the eligibility stage, you will be asked to sit the CBT.

Part 1 is a computer based test (CBT). The CBT is multiple choice and can be taken at a Pearson VUE test centre available in most countries around the world.

  • The CBT comprises 120 multiple-choice questions.
  • The time limit for direct testing is four hours and this includes any breaks from testing, which are optional.
  • 68% overall score to pass( Adult Nursing).

The second part of the test is the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The OSCE is made up of six stations, each lasting 15 minutes with an additional five minutes preparation time. Four stations will be scenario-based and relate to the holistic patient-centred assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation stages of nursing and midwifery care. Two stations will be testing practical clinical skills.

You’ll have three attempts at the CBT as part of one application, with a minimum of ten days in between each sitting. You’ll need to pass within six months of completing your eligibility. If you’ve not completed the CBT within six months of completing your eligibility it will expire and you’ll need to complete the online self -assessment again.